Wednesday 22 April 2015

Does your Organisation Need Some IT support?

Rosemary Neave is presently working pro bono updating the website for OVTRK. She has a small business doing Wordpress Websites and Social Media support for organisations.
Here are some things she is offering to NGOs in Christchurch - these can be one to one sessions or workshops with several groups.  She has taken workshops like this for Community Waikato.  All she needs - a room with wifi and a data projector.  Cost $55-$75/hour negotiable.

1. Why a Facebook page can help your group or organisation. 1 Hour

2. Setting up a Facebook page for your group or organisation - 3 hours a stage two workshop where people can walk away with their page up and going.

3. I have a Facebook page, but I want to improve it - 1 hour group or one to one

4. Website check - Does your online presence reflect your organisation well. is your website mobile friendly - do you have an integrated email newsletter and way for people to sign up, are you connected to social media and why these things are important. Workshop 2- 3 hours or one to one for 1 hour

5. Practical how to use the internet for community groups
- a chance to ask the questions that frustrate you and stop you making the most of the Internet as a resource. 2-3 hours or one to one 1 hour

Contact Rosemary: 027 2890383