Friday, 15 April 2016

Report now available “Getting it together – Third Sector in Post Recovery Christchurch”

See the report here.        

Hard copies may be collected from:
  • Christchurch Community House, 301 Tuam Street
  • Christchurch Migrants Centre, 166 St Asaph Street
  • Canterbury Workers Educational Association WEA, 59 Gloucester Street
OVTRK welcomes your feedback.........  In particular it would be great to keep in touch with whatever is being planned next in the Sector.... should we organise another Forum to share ideas?

For your information a personal copy of this Report has been posted to each participant in the CERA Research Project.

A new brand! ..... "Third Sector Organisations" (TSOs) .....

We noted that the above Research Report refers to the "Third Sector" so we are now going to refer to "TSOs" for the all the organisations (big and small) in our Sector.

It seems better than being defined by what we are not - NON-government (NGOs), NOT-for-profit (NPOs), NON-profit (NPs) etc - and "community" organisations/groups can include any group from any Sector.....

We have therefore changed our OVTRK email address to be consistent - from <> to <>

FYI <> will still get to us

Valuing TSOs Project update

This updated list of resources is intended to complement those that are often used to measure the effectiveness of mahi in our Sector.

Recently the CEO of the international Third Sector body – CIVICUS - wrote about the need to  measure what you treasure not just treasure what we measure!

KEEP THIS DATE for the Workshop for the TSO Sector on the CCC Annual Plan and amended Long Term Plan

This workshop will be on Tuesday 10 May, 9.30 - 11.30am at The Atrium - Christchurch Netball Centre, Hagley Avenue. There is a separate one for Business organisations.

OVTRK meets with General Manager, Oranga, for Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu.

On Monday 4 April Katherine and Rex, OVTRK Co Chairs, met with Hana O'Regan at Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu (TRONT). The meeting had been suggested by Purapura Whetu's representative, Karaitiana Tickell.

Hana is now the General Manager, Oranga, for Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu (TRONT). The meeting explored the possible avenues for collaboration between OVTRK and TRONT. Much of the meeting focused on bring Hana up to date on the nature and work of OVTRK and hearing from her about her role with the 18 Papatipu Marae communities of Ngai Tahu Whanui. There is followup needed for us and Katherine and Rex will consider this with the rest of the Organising Group at our next meeting.

Ensure that the story of your organisation is not lost

The CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquakes Digital Archive is working to preserve the knowledge, memories, and experiences of the Canterbury Earthquakes for future generations and other communities to learn from.

April 2016 OVTRK Summary

Here is the updated summary

Do remember to encourage those TSOs who agree with the OVTRK kaupapa to put themselves on the OVTRK Register - that way organisations in our Sector can be in touch with each other - and individuals and organisations in the Commercial and Government <local, regional and central) Sectors can find out about the wide range of contributions by TSOs.