Thursday, 15 November 2012

Next Sector Forum scheduled

We have scheduled our next Sector Forum for NGOs
on 11-December from 9am - 11am
at CWEA (59 Gloucester Street).

We have invited Gerry Brownlee, asking him to address the same questions as the last forum.  His office has advised that our request is with him, but they have had no feedback to date as to whether he is able or willing to attend.  They will let us know in due course.  We've agreed to wait for a decision and organise a meeting when or if he is available-- in the meantime, we've organised a sector forum.
This forum – An NGO Voice in CERA’s Community Wellbeing Planning Group - will enable us to discuss with those on the OVTRK register the invitation from CERA to identify a delegate from the NGO sector to join the Community Wellbeing Planning Team that is convened by CERA.  We would like to:
  • Discuss the outline for this role
  • Share views on what this would include
  • Discuss a system for identifying a delegate
  • Discuss a system for supporting the delegate
We hope that those on our registry will be able to make it.

As always-- if you know anyone who might like to join OVTRK or would be interested in learning more about what we've been up to, the easiest thing to do would be to direct them to this site.  Thanks!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Notes from last forum are out

Tomorrow, members of our registry will be receiving the notes from the 9-October OVTRK forum.  There's also a bit of news about a new development between CERA and the NGO sector.

As usual, more information to follow.  In the meantime, we've made a wordle based on the areas of interest and expertise that the organisations on our registry reported.  Great to see the word "community" splashed up so prominently!