Monday, 25 February 2013

UPDATED forum location and other announcements

We've just sent an update to those on the registry.  As you know (we hope!), OVTRK is a no-cost opportunity to register NGOs as being interested in working with other NGOs in greater Christchurch according to our kaupapa.  Our (approximately) bi-monthly open Forums give us the opportunity to report and to plan for the future. 
We have several announcements as well as a bit of reading - but firstly and most importantly, please note the change of venue for the next open NGO forum from 9-11am on Monday 11 March. The venue will NOT be the EPIC Centre, but instead the YMCA at 12 Hereford Street. The YMCA has good bike racks, is accessible by bus and has off-street parking accessed off Cashel St - for which you need to sign in at reception with your number plate. Details of this Forum (previously sent to you) are at
The other announcements are to make you aware of several other NGO events coming up, and then to share with you the documentation outlining how the CERA Community Wellbeing Planning Group sees its work.
Upcoming events that may be of interest to you are:
  • Ministry of Health NGO workshop: 12 March, 9.30am-4.30p
  • "Let's Get Together" NGO networking start-of-year kick-off with MHERC: 15-March, 11:30am (please RSVP by Monday 11-March) **Note that this announcment was received after we sent out our update, so it won't be in the email registrants received
  • Ministry of Social Development NGO Forum: 5 April, 9:15-11.30am
  • Healthy Christchurch NGO signatories hui: 12 April
Finally, if you are interested in reading the document the CERA Community Wellbeing Planning Group has assembled, this has been sent to our registrants.  If you are interested in this document, please register your NGO and let us know that you would like to receive a copy.  Your feedback is welcome.
Thank you for your time today - and see you at the YMCA on the 11th.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

pan-NGO delegate announcement + next forum date

This message has just been sent to our registry...

We hope your 2013 has been off to a positive start.  We have two important announcements about the panNGO Delegate appointments and about our next panNGO forum.

Firstly, two people have been appointed to fill the role of panNGO Delegate to the CERA Community Wellbeing Planning Group as announced in a press release we linked to in our blog last week.  Reflecting Treaty relationships, the position will be filled by Wendy Dallas-Katoa (tangata whenua) and Sara Epperson (tangata Tiriti).  Their contact details are below.

      Wendy Dallas-Katoa: dallaskatoa [at] clear [dot] net [dot] nz    *phone number available on request 
      Sara Epperson: sepperson [at] pgfnz [dot] org [dot] nz     *phone number available on reques

If you have not yet met Wendy or Sara, you will have the opportunity to do so at our next NGO Sector Open Forum on Monday 11-March from 9am - 11am at the EPIC Centre (which is on Manchester Street between Tuam and St Asaph -- more info about the building at the EPIC website).  UPDATE: This event is now being held at the YMCA on Hereford Street; see the next blog post for more information about the updated location.  Please mark your calendar.  We look forward to discussing the issues facing our sector.
Kia kaha,

The One Voice Te Reo Kotahi organising group

PS: If you know of any NGOs who would benefit from being on the OVTRK registry, or of any potential pan-NGO delegate applicants who would benefit from being on the OVTRK registry, please send them to