Wednesday, 31 October 2018

OVTRK Update October 2018

Kia ora koutou
First, we hope you find this Update to the Sector Report and Actions tab on the has a number of interesting snippets.
In particular we draw your attention to the offer from BENEFACTION about how they work with Third Sector Organisations (TSOs).

They are keen to work across the breadth of the Third Sector.
As the OVTRK Organising Group (OG) will have some of its members at the upcoming Earthquake Symposium on 29 & 30 November we have made a Summary to take with us.
YOUR feedback is welcome!
If you haven't had a look at the OVTRK Communication protocol and Ideals upheld please do.
Any feedback on these is also really appreciated.
One of the matters the OG has been discussing as we focus on where best to make input re Third Sector voices to strategy and policy developments in Greater Christchurch is the (large!) number of doorways into collaboration by statutory bodies in Greater Christchurch.
These include:
  • Regenerate Christchurch and their work on Integrated Assessment Criteria Wellbeing Indicators are usually referred to as criteria with other bodies e.g:
  • The Greater Christchurch Partnership (GCP) - it has a subcommittee on the "Future Development Strategy"
  • Healthy Greater Christchurch - the GCP has identified HGChCh to implement their healthy communities strand of work
  • The Mayoral Forum
  • Safer Christchurch
In addition, Government nationwide has:
  • Statistics NZ is also working on wellbeing indicators
  • The Social Investment Approach (SIA)
  • A new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
Another important impending influence is that the Local Government Amendment Bill is expected to be dealt with by Parliament very soon - this will restore the statutory responsibility of local government to uphold the four (economic, environment, social and cultural) wellbeings, taking a sustainable development approach.
Urban Development is so reliant on Third Sector actions ...... the doorways for opportunities to make a space for TSO voices are many and varied. OVTRK will continue to advocate for those voices to be influential in the development of strategy and policy for Greater Christchurch.

Any corrections or comment on the above list will be appreciated!
Finally, with all the busyness at this time of year, the upcoming EQ Symposium, and the holyday season approaching, we are planning the next OVTRK Forum for around early March.....
Ideas for that are welcome too!