Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Getting it Together - The Third Sector in Post-Recovery Christchurch

This Report is due is the next few weeks

In order to get an update on the NGO research presented at the NGO NETWORKING PARTY on 25 November 2015 we approached Claire Phillips at the Christchurch City Council. We were referred to Claire following our most recent meeting with CERA as CERA has now passed the responsibility to finalise the Report to CCC.

Here is a summary of Claire's response of 9 March:

Valuing NGOs Project

This link - One Voice Te Reo Kotahi (OVTRK) - is to the December 2015 OVTRK update on our current work. 
Because we want to ensure that NGOs are valued we have started to pull together some resources. 

The purpose of the project is to help people value NGOs - and in particular their activities that rely on generosity – that are beyond a market approach and not driven by government or commercial contracts.  

We will do this by gathering and sharing resources and links that illustrate this approach. 

This page of resources will be updated - please do contribute to the collection...

Healthy Christchurch Hui - OVTRK presention

Our presentation to the Healthy Christchurch Hui on 27 January 2016

This OVTRK to HChCh presentation received warm feedback.

There were several people who, while understanding the use of  "Community Initiatives" description of our work, asked whether that was a clear enough description to highlight the collaborative nature of the relationship we wish to establish between our Third Sector and government and commercial Sectors. 

Any ideas about naming? Third Sector??

Urban Development Strategy (UDS) - refresh process

OVTRK encompasses Greater Christchurch as many place-based, identity-based and interest-based NGOs are interested in keeping links with across the wider city.

We also want to make this range of NGOs visible to Greater Christchurch government and commercial Sector. So we made links with the Greater Christchurch UDS Implementation Committee (UDSIC).

We have been informed that the visioning exercise that had been planned in relation to the UDS is on hold because it was recognised that to do that requires more time than was available before the local body elections later this year. The process of "refreshing" the UDS may be undertaken after those elections. In the interim, a small team from the UDS Partner Organisations is pulling together an update on the 2007 UDS.

Keeping the OVTRK connections with Government after CERA

As you know OVTRK has had bimonthly meetings with CERA Strategy and Policy Staff. As CERA is phasing out OVTRK has been invited to continue regular meeting with staff of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC).

At our next meeting we will discuss the Roadmap of recovery and regeneration functions and generally promote what was in our presentation to Healthy Christchurch Hui and December 2015 OVTRK Summary, as above.