NGO accommodation survey

Background: NGO accommodation survey

This survey was prepared at the request of the panNGO support panel, the panel comprised of two representatives from each of five NGO networks in Canterbury (Council of Social Services, One Voice Te Reo Kotahi, Social Service Providers Aotearoa, older person, and youth). This panel helps to inform the panNGO delegates in their role as delegates to the CERA Community Wellbeing Planners Group and the Psychosocial Subcommittee; the panel helps act as a conduit of information to and from the delegates. 

In late 2013, the panNGO support panel identified a need for clearer information on the accommodation needs of the NGO sector, which would be useful for the sector, and for planners and funders. The panel understood that CERA and Council were undertaking work that involved some NGOs in the recovery of community facilities, but there was concern that the needs of many NGOs (especially small NGOs and NGOs not engaged in social services) were still not being adequately captured or taken into account. 

A survey was prepared by one of the delegates and one of the members of the support panel. The survey was intended to capture NGO experiences and accommodation needs. This was reviewed by the group, and the survey began circulating in early 2014. Responses were received from thirty-eight NGOs from early February through to early March. Circumstances for some of these NGOs will have changed, but still offer an insightful snapshot of the sector's circumstances.

The panNGO support panel is grateful for the quality, detail, and depth of responses received. Many organisations indicated having worked extensively to find, secure, and share premises and/or facilities while maintaining core work in an uncertain environment, and the panNGO support panel wishes to acknowledge the sector's efforts.

You can download a copy of the report using this link.