Monday, 5 December 2016

MAKING CONNECTIONS across the Third Sector - OVTRK December 2016 update

Welcome to the Third Sector Organisations (TSOs) who have put themselves on the OVTRK Register since the 7 July Sector Forum Celebrating Matariki and the Voices of the Third Sector - viz:

    Cooperative Sections
    Food Resilience Network
    LIFT Library
    Lincoln Envirotown Trust
    Restorative Justice Services Otautahi Christchurch
    Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand, North Canterbury Branch
    Unions Canterbury
    Waihora Ellesmere Trust
    Harbour Co-op
    Water Rights Trust

- if you want more detail about any TSOs on the Register go to the Registry tab on the OVTRK blogspot <>.

A chronicle of actions since that since that 7 July 2016 Forum are summarised on the new tab Sector Report & Actions on the OVTRK blogspot as reported in our last OVTRK update on 19 October.

We trust you will all get a break and wish you and all yours Happy Holydays!

This mailout is about MAKING CONNECTIONS across the Sector.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Shining the Light on the Third Sector - OVTRK October 2016 update

As part of our work in valuing Third Sector Organisations (TSOs) we'd love to have 5 minutes of your time.  
Please follow this link to fill out the form and answer six simple questions that tell us about your mahi.  
We'll be publishing the results on our blog as part of a series where you get to be the star! 
Collecting these stories was one of the ideas that emerged from the Sector Forum on 9 Julyread more of the post on that Forum. and

We have established a new tab on the OVTRK blogspot - see Sector Report & Actions. Do send updates and additions - and keep an eye on these! We are continuing to circulate the Third Sector Recovery in Post-earthquake Christchurch report by Dr Chrys Horn, Sarah Wylie and Janet Mountier.
One Voice Te Reo Kotahi (OVTRK) sits on the Greater ChCh Psychosocial Committee  bringing voices of the Third Sector there. We know we speak from, not for the sector and so if you have any questions you'd like asked or issues raised at the table, please don't hesitate to email us - and / or join the OVTRK Organising Group - see About OVTRK to help us plan next steps. Over the last few months, OVTRK Organising Group member, Becca Bouffandeau has been attending these meetings on our behalf.  She reports that she has found the meetings incredibly informative with many organisations making deputations to the group. One of the current discussions is about the clarification of what is meant by "community-led". 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

7 July Sector Forum and OVTRK August Update

This Forum Celebrating Matariki and the Voices of the Third Sector was convened by OVTRK to obtain feedback, from the city’s Third Sector (Not-for-Profit / Non-Government) Organisations (TSOs), on the 2015 research and consequent report by Dr Chrys Horn, Sarah Wylie, and Jane Mountier. The report was commissioned by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA).

Approximately forty individual community leaders, from in excess of 50 organisations attended and participated in group discussions and a plenary session. These were structured around the four major well-being topic categories: social, economic, cultural, and environmental. The Forum focused primarily on the “Priority Actions” (as outlined on pages 29 and 30 of the published report).

Friday, 10 June 2016

Open Forum - Celebrating Matariki and the Voices of the Third Sector

Kia ora koutou

The One Voice Te Reo Kotahi (OVTRK) Organising Group would like to invite you to join us in another open Forum with the Sector

Celebrating Matariki and the Voices of the Third Sector

7.30pm on Thursday 7 July 
at the WEA Centre 59 Gloucester St. 
Please bring a plate of kai to share
If you can RSVP that's helpful so we have an idea who's coming! 

Friday, 15 April 2016

Report now available “Getting it together – Third Sector in Post Recovery Christchurch”

See the report here.        

Hard copies may be collected from:
  • Christchurch Community House, 301 Tuam Street
  • Christchurch Migrants Centre, 166 St Asaph Street
  • Canterbury Workers Educational Association WEA, 59 Gloucester Street
OVTRK welcomes your feedback.........  In particular it would be great to keep in touch with whatever is being planned next in the Sector.... should we organise another Forum to share ideas?

For your information a personal copy of this Report has been posted to each participant in the CERA Research Project.

A new brand! ..... "Third Sector Organisations" (TSOs) .....

We noted that the above Research Report refers to the "Third Sector" so we are now going to refer to "TSOs" for the all the organisations (big and small) in our Sector.

It seems better than being defined by what we are not - NON-government (NGOs), NOT-for-profit (NPOs), NON-profit (NPs) etc - and "community" organisations/groups can include any group from any Sector.....

We have therefore changed our OVTRK email address to be consistent - from <> to <>

FYI <> will still get to us

Valuing TSOs Project update

This updated list of resources is intended to complement those that are often used to measure the effectiveness of mahi in our Sector.

Recently the CEO of the international Third Sector body – CIVICUS - wrote about the need to  measure what you treasure not just treasure what we measure!

KEEP THIS DATE for the Workshop for the TSO Sector on the CCC Annual Plan and amended Long Term Plan

This workshop will be on Tuesday 10 May, 9.30 - 11.30am at The Atrium - Christchurch Netball Centre, Hagley Avenue. There is a separate one for Business organisations.

OVTRK meets with General Manager, Oranga, for Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu.

On Monday 4 April Katherine and Rex, OVTRK Co Chairs, met with Hana O'Regan at Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu (TRONT). The meeting had been suggested by Purapura Whetu's representative, Karaitiana Tickell.

Hana is now the General Manager, Oranga, for Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu (TRONT). The meeting explored the possible avenues for collaboration between OVTRK and TRONT. Much of the meeting focused on bring Hana up to date on the nature and work of OVTRK and hearing from her about her role with the 18 Papatipu Marae communities of Ngai Tahu Whanui. There is followup needed for us and Katherine and Rex will consider this with the rest of the Organising Group at our next meeting.

Ensure that the story of your organisation is not lost

The CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquakes Digital Archive is working to preserve the knowledge, memories, and experiences of the Canterbury Earthquakes for future generations and other communities to learn from.

April 2016 OVTRK Summary

Here is the updated summary

Do remember to encourage those TSOs who agree with the OVTRK kaupapa to put themselves on the OVTRK Register - that way organisations in our Sector can be in touch with each other - and individuals and organisations in the Commercial and Government <local, regional and central) Sectors can find out about the wide range of contributions by TSOs.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Getting it Together - The Third Sector in Post-Recovery Christchurch

This Report is due is the next few weeks

In order to get an update on the NGO research presented at the NGO NETWORKING PARTY on 25 November 2015 we approached Claire Phillips at the Christchurch City Council. We were referred to Claire following our most recent meeting with CERA as CERA has now passed the responsibility to finalise the Report to CCC.

Here is a summary of Claire's response of 9 March:

Valuing NGOs Project

This link - One Voice Te Reo Kotahi (OVTRK) - is to the December 2015 OVTRK update on our current work. 
Because we want to ensure that NGOs are valued we have started to pull together some resources. 

The purpose of the project is to help people value NGOs - and in particular their activities that rely on generosity – that are beyond a market approach and not driven by government or commercial contracts.  

We will do this by gathering and sharing resources and links that illustrate this approach. 

This page of resources will be updated - please do contribute to the collection...

Healthy Christchurch Hui - OVTRK presention

Our presentation to the Healthy Christchurch Hui on 27 January 2016

This OVTRK to HChCh presentation received warm feedback.

There were several people who, while understanding the use of  "Community Initiatives" description of our work, asked whether that was a clear enough description to highlight the collaborative nature of the relationship we wish to establish between our Third Sector and government and commercial Sectors. 

Any ideas about naming? Third Sector??

Urban Development Strategy (UDS) - refresh process

OVTRK encompasses Greater Christchurch as many place-based, identity-based and interest-based NGOs are interested in keeping links with across the wider city.

We also want to make this range of NGOs visible to Greater Christchurch government and commercial Sector. So we made links with the Greater Christchurch UDS Implementation Committee (UDSIC).

We have been informed that the visioning exercise that had been planned in relation to the UDS is on hold because it was recognised that to do that requires more time than was available before the local body elections later this year. The process of "refreshing" the UDS may be undertaken after those elections. In the interim, a small team from the UDS Partner Organisations is pulling together an update on the 2007 UDS.

Keeping the OVTRK connections with Government after CERA

As you know OVTRK has had bimonthly meetings with CERA Strategy and Policy Staff. As CERA is phasing out OVTRK has been invited to continue regular meeting with staff of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC).

At our next meeting we will discuss the Roadmap of recovery and regeneration functions and generally promote what was in our presentation to Healthy Christchurch Hui and December 2015 OVTRK Summary, as above.