Friday, 4 May 2012

Kia ora koutou

This email was sent to those organisations which have registered with OVTRK.

Here (below this note) is the outcome of the work the OVTRK Steering Group has done to date to define its role and vision. The text is consistent with what appears in the email, but the poster has been made much prettier, thanks to Evan Smith's skills.

In other news, here is an invitation: OVTRK has organised another OPEN FORUM for NGOs.

TIME?  Friday 25 May from 2-4pm

PLACE? Mental Heath Education and Resource Centre, 403A Worcester St, Linwood (nr Stanmore Rd)

WHAT FOR? There are two reasons:

  • to hear from Diane Turner CERA Strategy and Policy Manager who has been invited to come and talk to us about the role of NGOs in the recovery of Christchurch


  • to make decisions about the future of OVTRK. More active Steering Group members would be needed so do consider what you want the future to be. 

PLEASE put the date in your diary and take time to circulate this information - with a covering note - widely to your networks so they know about OPEN FORUM and the OPPORTUNITY TO REGISTER:

Your feedback is most welcome. It will be collated and brought to the Forum.

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