Saturday 7 March 2015

Updates for the start of 2015!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already March!  In this email, we have four major updates:
  • Update from panNGO delegates
  • Update from OVTRK’s meetings with CERA
  • Notice of next forum
  • FYI: Christchurch City Council Citywide NGO/Not for Profit Sector profile
  • Call for new organising group members
Update from panNGO delegates
We are finding out more about the future of the panNGO delegates and our relationship with CERA as they begin their transition.  In the meantime, here is an update from the panNGO delegates.

Update from OVRK’s meetings with CERA
The OVTRK Organising Group has arranged meetings with CERA to continue drawing attention to issues important to our sector.
  • We have raised ongoing concerns communicated to us about accommodation challenges for NGOs and continues to be involved in conversations about accommodating NGOs in the city centre.  We have had feedback that ‘community facilities will grow alongside the community’, but we have questioned this and emphasized the lack of support so far for central city accommodation.
  • OVTRK has raised funding concerns, which some of our registry have been vocal about (in particular, unpredictable and steep rises in rents affecting core business and even future viability).  CERA has acknowledged these concerns and begun to prepare a paper that would propose exploring this issue further with some funders.
  • CERA explained that the current review of the Anchor Projects does not provide any opportunity for establishing a new Project such as the ‘rebuilding community support’ Anchor Project that OVTRK has advocated
  • For some of these issues, CERA has recommended that OVTRK seek support from CCC. We will follow up this suggestion.
  • OVTRK is awaiting feedback from CERA about whether it would be appropriate for OVTRK to make a submission to the Transition Advisory Board to profile our Treaty-based approach and the extent of NGO activity.*
*Note: We have just heard back from the CERA Strategy and Policy staff that no submissions are being received by the Transition Advisory Board but that we can write a letter that will be tabled there. 

Notice of next forum
The first forum for 2015 is in the process of being organised.  We will be in touch with the topic, date, time, and location.

FYI: Christchurch City Council Citywide NGO/Not for Profit Sector profile
The Christchurch City Council has prepared a profile of the Citywide NGO/Not for Profit sector.  Have you seen it yet?

Call for new OVTRK Organising Group (OG) members
We would love to have a few new faces join our OG to help us champion this no-cost opportunity to provide a register of NGOs who are interested in working together according to the OVTRK kaupapa. We speak from the “NGO” sector to allow the voices of organisations that have not been formed by government or commerce to be heard. The OG meets approximately monthly, has approximately bi-monthly meetings with CERA and members usually help to plan and attend our fora – see our blog for the history.  Please reply if you are interested or would like to know more!

That’s all, this time.  Talk soon.