Valuing TSOs Project


The following resources are about valuing Third Sector Organisations (TSOs).
This involves a commitment, summarised in this article by the previous CEO of the international Third Sector body - CIVICUS - to measure what you treasure and not just treasure what we measure!

By highlighting activities in TSOs that rely on generosity as well as those that are not driven by a market approach to social planning we hope to increase understanding of the imperative for a broader, ecological approach. Many activities are not driven by government or commercial contracts alone and by making these more visible we hope to enhance respect and recognition of mahi in the Third Sector.

Parable of the Blobs and the Squares No more throw away people on YouTube

Together: Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities

Participatory Philanthropy - a report by Lani Evans

Valuing third sector sustainability organisations - qualitative contributions to
systemic social transformations

Whatever Happened to Civil Society? - originally published by Open Democracy
by Vern Hughes 
Poverties And Satisfiers: A Systems Look At Human Needs - Creating a New Democracy - Katherine Peet and John Peet

People aren’t as selfish as you think they are - from  FUTURE LEARNING  by Dr Niki Harré,  Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Auckland

Designing for generosity


Time Banking Edgar S. Cahn

Living Economies
Commitment to a Treaty-based Multicultural New Zealand where the
indigenous status of tangata whenua and the role of tangata Tiriti are

NWO with Strong Sustainability

Naomi Klein at the Sydney Opera House on 5 September 2015

Wellbeing Economics – an Alternative Framework for National Policy -
enabling people to live the lives they have reason to value

The need for comprehensive reform of the worldwide money system is a key concern of this website - it includes books in PDF format.
Stolen from future generations? - the need to move from a politics of self
interest to a politics of generosity. - further background Universal Basic Income – an idea whose time has come?

Economist Ha-Joon Chang explains basic economics

What Works website of Community Research is a treasure trove of tools, case studies and resources to help you develop an outcomes framework, select tools for gathering data, to know and show the difference your organisation makes. Website:  Video:

Research reports

Here is a link to the latest time use survey results for 2009/10. It is run every 10 years so 2020 is the next one.

Art of Recovery [documentary]

Carlton, 'Faultlines: NGO-government relations and urban renewal in post-earthquake Christchurch',

Carlton, ‘Share an Idea, spare a thought: Community consultation in Christchurch’s time-bound post-earthquake rebuild,’

Carlton and Vallance, ‘An inventory of community-led and non-governmental organisations and initiatives in post-earthquake Canterbury,’ 2013:

Contingen(city) [documentary],

From where I was born: Stories of rebuilding [documentary],

Life in Vacant Spaces Gauging the impacts of post-disaster arts and culture initiatives in Christchurch

Statistics New Zealand, The importance of New Zealand non profits, 2016:

Syben, William, ‘Making use of vacant urban space’:

Many reports available from:

All topics:

Emergency services and disaster relief: (many related to post-earthquake Christchurch)


Vallance, Suzanne