Monday, 17 June 2013

Thanks for your feedback + news on upcoming forum

Updates on our latest activities, and activities you may wish to be involved in.

Next forum: 
Our next forum is Wednesday 17 July, 7.30pm at the YMCA.  Topic: How can housing developments in Greater Christchurch be future-proofed?
Would anyone from your NGO like to help OVTRK organise this next Open Forum?  Please let us know ASAP.

We've had excellent feedback from our LURP forum and the submission that followed.  We hope to hear from you soon.

Information from the CERA Community Wellbeing Planners Group
Huge thanks to the NGOs who responded with information around the Canterbury Wellbeing Index and who provided input intour submission to the Psychosocial Plan [copy available to NGOs on our register].  The panNGO support panel (including representatives from OVTRK) will be attending a Community Wellbeing Index workshop later in the month to learn more about the findings in the index and discuss solutions around emerging issues.  The submissions to the Psychosocial plan are now sitting with the Psychosocial Subcommittee.  We will let you know if we find out about relevant developments in this area.

At the most recent meeting with the CERA CWPG, our delegates heard about plans for the advancement of the Avon Otakaro Project, and heard an update from the Residential Advisory Service, which has reported positive outcomes so far.

The panNGO delegates also had a slot on the agenda to speak, and chose to discuss "NGO Accommodation."  In the presentation, the delegates explained why NGO accommodation was in the interest of CERA and the Christchurch community, provided a few case studies or anecdotes from NGOs facing challenges related to accommodation, and offered a few of the following as possible ways forward:
  • Initiate a process (--> Identify best programme/plan/senior staff to champion this issue and work out solutions)
  • Commit to supporting specific/concrete things by planning for transitional options (Ex: Dallington Scout Hall (red zone but not demolished and safe))
  • Commit to scheduling time in existing facilities (Ex: Travis Education Centre)
  • Commit to projects that would move sound houses to vacant land (Ex: Old farm site, edge of Travis wetlands, could be environmental NGO hub for east, possibly under umbrella with other organisations (share support, project facilitation, publicity, etc.))
  • Plan: Council or CERA land with government-funded buildings?
  • Plan for affordable spaces close to bus exchange
  • Plan for fair rent and collaboratively shared resources
These issues seemed to be brand-new to the CWPG and will require significant follow-up.  There are several different "next steps" that the delegates are exploring with CERA staff.  At this point, the issue is at least on the table and we will keep you posted as we find out more and if we need feedback.

We will be in touch with you again soon.  Please remember that if you know of any agencies not on our registry but who would benefit from signing on, the link is easy:

The OVTRK Team