Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Applications for Pan-NGO representative open tomorrow

Great to see some of you at the meeting today.  We had some helpful discussions about the role of the upcoming pan-NGO representative and the processes and priorities associated with that role.

We'll put up the latest information about the role and how you can apply for it when applications open tomorrow.  In the meantime, our group agreed that this letter to The Press on Saturday was worth reading.

THE PRESS, Christchurch

Saturday, December 8, 2012 page A21 

I had to understand

I know the time is coming when my five children, all under 10, will ask me, "Dad, why did you let these things happen in Canterbury?" and I will say, "I had to understand that our water had to be shared with Fonterra so they could make money for our country and that ECan needed controlling by the Government to make this happen.

"I had to understand schools needed closing to make education more effective and that children did not need a school in their local community.

"I had to understand that forcing land sales in our central business district and later selling it to a few wealthy people was the just thing to do,

"I had to understand that the Government leaving many homeowners to the mercy of insurance companies and EQC, with no one to advocate for them, was the only way to treat these people.

"I had to understand the old dungers, the heritage buildings plus our cathedral, had to be demolished to make way for tilt-slab boxes because Cera could not wait for their restoration and because the Government had their city plan for us."

My children will reply, "But Dad, why did you let John Key, Gerry Brownlee and Roger Sutton bully you?"

I will say, "Some of us protested, but most didn't. Many were just too tired from so many earthquakes and having to understand what was best for us."

"Dad, we understand, and now that we are bigger we will stand up for you."

And I will put my head in my hands and try not to cry.