Monday, 6 February 2017

OVTRK Update + Any update from your TSO before 15 February?

This update to TSOs on the OVTRK Register is to alert your TSO to the opportunity to send your OVTRK Organising Group any update from you for 15 February - see below?

It also highlights some recent developments in the Third Sector
  • ECO Canterbury Regional Hub - for environment and conservation interested organisations. Discussion forum afternoon of Saturday 18 February 2017 Venue WEA, 59 Gloucester St, Christchurch

Fill in the Doodle poll "ECO Cant Regional Hub - discussion forum" if you can or cannot attend. Please fill your name and response and don't forget to "save". The link to the poll is:
    PROPOSED AGENDA Saturday for mid - late afternoon 18 February 2017
   1. Hub activities
    (i) Calendar of Environmental Activities: the format and action on this?
    (ii) Need for a physical Environment Centre?
    (iii) Research: needs for this or what is being done
    (iv)What do we want from the local government "network offer"
    2. Opportunity for Networking Action -
    Seven Rivers Seven Weeks - Walk for the Planet
    3. Panel discussion
     (i) Democratic Consultation and representation...there is strong concern of how organisations are being manipulated in so-called consultations Democracy is being lost...there is corruption of the democratic process.
    (ii) Urban and Red Zone issues What is really happening with Regenerate Christchurch and environment conservation organisation issues? And other urban issues.
    (iii) Ecologic economics - we need a systems change - we cannot go on the way we are.
    (iv) Water issues in Canterbury - overview/update

TSO Avon Otakaro Network (AvON)'s Evan Smith and Sylvia Smyth recently had an article in The Press which is a very useful overview of the approach they are taking to the consultation that has commenced under Regenerate Christchurch on the Ōtākaro​ Avon River Corridor from Barbadoes Street to Bexley. Here is the link to that article:
Chris Mene from RC has written to OVTRK emphasising that engagement of third sector organisations in the development of their planning are priorities for their team at RC. He sees "this ~535hectares of land as an extraordinary opportunity for Christchurch, our province and NZ ( and wants to ensure that health and wellbeing outcomes are present in the 'Draft outline'. RC welcomes submissions from organisations or individuals on the draft outline up until 21 February. OVTRK has suggested that in the first instance he approach the organisers of the EcoHub gathering on 18 February to get in touch with a number of TSOs who will be gathering there.
  • Living Economies Expo - 31 March to 2 April in Lyttelton
This event is bringing together people with great experience in helping communities to grow in healthy ways. If you don’t know about it, go to
  • TSO Ohu <> reports on their event Finding Common Ground
Brie Sherow states "There was a really amazing energy in the room..... For those who weren’t able to attend, I wrote a blog post to share a bit about the event and the ideas and plans that were discussed. Ideas included everything from co-housing projects to non-wilsons carparks, renewable energy cooperatives to arts hotels, urban agriculture to a youth services hub..... Please do register for our email list if you’d like to stay informed or get involved in a project that we’re working with"
  • SEWN reports their guiding question:
“What will contribute most to increasing social equity and wellbeing in Greater Christchurch?”
TSO Social Equity and Wellbeing Network (SEWN) would love to hear your thoughts on this question and also specifically about where do you think SEWN's stitching can best help strengthen our social fabric.
Email, phone 366 2050, or pop in to Community House for a coffee and conversation.
  • Making climate action meaningful - Communication practices in the New Zealand climate movement
All the results of a research project on communication practices in the New Zealand climate movement are now available at: This research was undertaken by Jonathan Oosterman while completing a Master’s thesis in Sociology at Victoria University in Wellington. It is the first in-depth study on climate communication that draws on perspectives from across the New Zealand climate movement.
  • Government requiring organisations to hand over client information in order to get funding
Clear and strong messages of concern are being expressed from many organisations that service providers who do not provide the personal information of clients to government will be penalised by the removal of any funding to assist those clients.
  • Survey of community and volunteer organisations
The second ComVoices Survey is a must read for those wanting to learn more about how Third Sector Organisations are faring amidst financial pressure, greater volumes for services and increased complexity.

More updates from us soon - and do let us have yours - our next OVTRK Organising Group meeting with the Greater Christchurch Group of the Department of Prime Minster and Cabinet is on 15 February!