Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Shining the Light on the Third Sector - OVTRK October 2016 update

As part of our work in valuing Third Sector Organisations (TSOs) we'd love to have 5 minutes of your time.  
Please follow this link to fill out the form and answer six simple questions that tell us about your mahi.  
We'll be publishing the results on our blog as part of a series where you get to be the star! 
Collecting these stories was one of the ideas that emerged from the Sector Forum on 9 Julyread more of the post on that Forum. and

We have established a new tab on the OVTRK blogspot - see Sector Report & Actions. Do send updates and additions - and keep an eye on these! We are continuing to circulate the Third Sector Recovery in Post-earthquake Christchurch report by Dr Chrys Horn, Sarah Wylie and Janet Mountier.
One Voice Te Reo Kotahi (OVTRK) sits on the Greater ChCh Psychosocial Committee  bringing voices of the Third Sector there. We know we speak from, not for the sector and so if you have any questions you'd like asked or issues raised at the table, please don't hesitate to email us - and / or join the OVTRK Organising Group - see About OVTRK to help us plan next steps. Over the last few months, OVTRK Organising Group member, Becca Bouffandeau has been attending these meetings on our behalf.  She reports that she has found the meetings incredibly informative with many organisations making deputations to the group. One of the current discussions is about the clarification of what is meant by "community-led". 

Keeping up with what is happening is a challenge and OVTRK would love your help! We want to assist in ensuring our Sector is considered alongside and independent of organisations formed by Government and Commerce - see OVTRK presentation.

Here is what we have gleaned about the big picture for the future. There is now a formal link between two recent strategic framework documents
Recently Katja Brundiers from the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University returned to Christchurch to share some of the results from her PhD research on Disasters as Opportunity for Change towards Sustainability which included a focus on  Christchurch. Here is a brief summary presented at Community House...... more later from Katja's research as her PhD is finalised.

OVTRK is following up about responses to the Third Sector report through formal links that have been established with the statutory bodies involved in the UDS. Recent elections have resulted in a delay in responses. We are keeping those connections live!

Our regular bimonthly meetings continue with the the GC Group of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPM). We have explored Co-production (No more throw away people - YouTube) between statutory bodies and the Third Sector and expect a briefing at our next meeting this month on the new EQ Recovery Learning initiative and the associated Symposium in February 2017.

While the focus of OVTRK is on Third Sector involvement in strategy and policy, we also keep aware of the projects being undertaken by the new entities:
  • Regenerate Christchurch, set up as a partnership between the Christchurch City Council and the Crown. They are focussing on regeneration in the residential red zone , New Brighton and the central city.
  • Development Christchurch, which raises funds.
  • Otakaro Ltd, which is working on the Anchor Projects.
Finally a reminder that OVTRK's chronicle is on the <>.

We look forward to your feedback - and don't forget ideas for the next get together are welcome!