Thursday, 3 December 2015

What do we need to do to further our recovery?

Some detail has been provided of our Sector's responses to the question: 
What do we need to do to further our recovery?
Following the presentation by researcher Dr Chrys Horn to the NGO NETWORKING PARTY (final OVTRK Forum for 2015) on 28 November 2015 Chrys has supplied a more detailed outline than was possible to present at the PARTY:

“ The following are the things that people talked about in the three workshops run as part of CERA’s research into how the Third Sector are faring 5 years on.   They are in response to the question What do we need to do to further our recovery? 

I’ve added (in italics)  a few thoughts of my own that arose as I was sorting through these.  These are just ideas about the values that seem to emerge from the way people expressed their suggestions, or they are ways that the ideas might be actioned (even if this action is long term). ”

We welcome any feedback to <> as we will continue to follow up  - 

Below is our letter of thanks sent to the Statutory Partners to the Urban Development Strategy


Kia ora koutou

Thanks so much for coming last Wednesday evening to our NGO NETWORKING PARTY - the final OVTRK Forum for 2015. We have attached the summary of the background to our work that was showing that night, for your information.

This summary is in addition to the laminated sheet with our kaupapa and the summary of our hopes for the Third Sector to November 2015 which was presented to you.
The Parable of the Blobs and the Squares which is referred to in that summary
No more throw away people - YouTube  is included in this note, for your convenience. 
Your laminated hard copy does not make the link easily accessible. For your information it was
shown at the celebration of 10th anniversary of the Lyttelton Time Bank by Edgar S. Cahn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

We see this as a Parable to help understand how to enhance relationships between the Statutory Partners and our "Third" Sector.

Like everything we do these are available on our blogspot
but we know how busy you are…….

We hope these give sufficient background for you to be able to follow up with us where you consider it relevant. We are particularly interested in any feedback from you that will assist us in ensuring NGOs are valued as the Urban Development Strategy REFRESH is developed.

Kia kaha
Rex Gibson and Katherine Peet
OVTRK Co-Chairs