Saturday 5 September 2015

Update re OVTRK, CCC Resilience Assessment and CERA research on NGOs

Kia ora Koutou!
  • The OVTRK Organising Group gave feedback here on the Draft CCC Resilience Assessment report. 

We received the draft Assessment report by CCC Chief Resilience Officer Mike Gillooly very close to when feedback was due. 

There was no time to circulate to all on our OVTRK Register. 

As you can read we commented on our difficulty with that lack of time, as we have a strong commitment to being transparent. 

Mike has responded saying We agree with your comments on the importance of the Third Sector. 
We have subsequently forwarded him our current strategy: OVTRK next steps for our sector

Please make sure you have a good look at the link at the end of "OVTRK next steps for our sector" which ends with reference to:

It explains the parable of the Blobs and Squares…….

This was shown by Edgar Cahn who has written a book by the same name. Edgar addressed the 4 September celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Project Lyttelton Time Bank.
  • We are currently liaising with CERA for the next OVTRK Forum to be on the research being undertaken by Dr Chrys Horn sent out to you all recently - see our last OVTRK post. Chrys is on contract to CERA and the CCC. Date soon!
For your information we are keeping Keith Tallentire of the Urban Development Strategy Implementation Committee (UDSIC) informed of our work amongst NGOs in Greater Christchurch with a view to following up the presentation made to the UDSIC in July.

That's all for now…… and do remember the OVTRK team really appreciates any feedback to