Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Transition to Regeneration Plan - Have Your Say!

A request to you from OVTRK to support a new "Regeneration Plan"

Kia ora tatou

Normally we send only one email a month - this extra one is because of the 30 July  deadline for submissions on the Transition to Regeneration Plan

In this 3-minute video entitled “Do You Care About Christchurch? the Transition to Regeneration Plan is given a good overview. 

[This was produced by local  broadcaster Chris Lynch and multi-media specialist and recovery commentator Deon Swiggs of Rebuild Christchurch]

The reports referred to in the video are both attached for your convenience.   

Residents and their organisations are urged 
to “stand up and be counted” and “Have Your Say”. 

Support a New Regeneration Plan

The particular point that One Voice Te Reo Kotahi (OVTRK) would like you to make in any submission is to support a new Regeneration Plan. 

FYI in the Transition to Regeneration Plan existing Anchor Projects are renamed as "Regeneration Plans" 

OVTRK is promoting a new Community Initiatives Regeneration Plan and we  draw this to your attention as we hope you may support that.

This new Plan would support community initiatives that are not formed by statutory or commercial imperatives alone - OVTRK uses the shorthand "NGOs" for such organisations. Specifically we want a new Community Initiatives Regeneration Plan so that NGO voices in Greater Christchurch will
  • be heard
  • be informed
  • be enabled to work together
  • contribute the work done on Frameworks for Treaty-based, multicultural development where the indigenous status of tangata whenua and the role of tangata Tiriti (everyone else) are understood. 
  • It would be great if you can include your support for the proposal for such a new  Community Initiatives Regeneration Plan!

Do contact us <ngovoices@gmail.com> if you want clarification of this request.

We hope you are keeping warm!
Noho ora mai ra,

The OVTRK team