Friday, 8 May 2015

OVTRK Registry Changes - working with CINCH

For some time the OVTRK Organising Group has been concerned about how we keep the information on our NGO registry up to date and accessible.
CINCH has agreed to maintain the OVTRK Register by creating a new ‘tag’ within their data base of groups.  Over the next few months CINCH will be working on updating the CINCH register so that all members of OVTRK will have the tag, and we will be able to search those CINCH people who are also OVTRK

Advantages of this are:
  • There is only one data base to update
  • CINCH already does this on behalf of the people of Christchurch
  • The register of OVTRK will be more useful and have up to date information
We will continue to have a form for new NGOs to register on, but in the future this information will be handed on to CINCH so that the register of CINCH and of OVTRK members is updated. 

The Register will continue to be available via a link on the OVTRK blogspot and anyone will be able to see this register, just as they can at present. 

About CINCH  – Community Information Christchurch  

CINCH is an online community directory of clubs, community organisations and continuing education course providers in the greater Christchurch area.

Created by Christchurch City Libraries in 1981, CINCH has grown to include more than 5,800 listings, mainly in the area between the Conway and Rakaia Rivers and inland to Springfield. Ski Fields, camp sites and golf courses outside this area are also listed.

Almost all OVTRK members are also already on CINCH.