Monday 24 November 2014

what OVTRK has been up to and notice of forum

We are proud to share a few updates with you-- this email contains a notice for our last forum of 2014, a note on our most recent forum, and a link to a document that OVTRK was able to have some say in. 

Final forum for 2014
A notice for our next forum, WEIGHING THE ANCHORS:

Anchor Projects                          Communities
Following an update from the Christchurch Central City Development Unit (CCDU) of CERA on the ANCHOR PROJECTS, the forum will provide an opportunity to weigh up how/if these ANCHOR PROJECTS rebuild communities that both promote sustainability and reduce social inequities. 
Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri, ā muri ake nei.  For us and our children after us.

Thursday 4 December, 7.30pm
WEA Centre
59 Gloucester St

As usual, please feel free to share this notice with other NGOs.

October's Forum - Keeping the COMMUNITY IN MIND
Many thanks to the NGOs who attended our most recent forum on the subject of keeping the COMMUNITY IN MIND.  Notes from the forum are now available at our blogspot, here.

Briefing to the Incoming Minister
In CERA's initial Briefing to the Incoming Minister, the document was missing something major: acknowledgment of the role of NGOs.  This is an issue that the OVTRK Organising Group raised with CERA, and we are pleased to see that in the most recent briefing, NGO voices are acknowledged as valuable through the transition period.  You can read the briefing here.

That's all for now.  Take care, all.

Warm regards,
The OVTRK Team