Friday 20 September 2013

We just sent out an email to NGOs on our register.

Upcoming forum
The next  OVTRK Forum is 7.30pm Thursday 10 October 2013 at the WEA Centre (59 Gloucester St).
Bernisia Smith from CERA will assist us to understand
  • how CERA’s strategy and policy is developed in the context of its finite life
  • who is involved in developing strategy and policy
  • how communities and NGOs can influence this development
For example, what strategy / policy is being developed to ensure ongoing resourcing (including accommodation) for NGOs within the rebuilt Greater Christchurch?
OVTRK has been involved in receiving feedback from the CERA Wellbeing Planning Team and its Psychosocial subcommittee. This engagement has, however, proved to be incomplete in addressing many of the matters inherent in our OVTRK kaupapa (attached), which have been highlighted by several NGOs on our OVTRK Register.
Do join us to help us clarify how NGOs with CERA can more fully participate in the current stage of the rebuild of Greater Christchurch.

Notes from the most recent forum
Notes from our last forum, How can housing developments in Greater Christchurch be future-proofed? are now on the OVTRK blog.

Watch this space
Some time before the next forum, the panNGO delegates to the CERA Community Wellbeing Planners Group and Psychosocial subcommittee will send out an update about their involvement with these groups and the work they have been doing.

That's all for now, everyone.
Noho ora mai koe (take care),
The OVTRK team