Monday, 25 June 2012

We trust you are all doing well! And that you are taking some time to enjoy whatever you enjoy.
Other than to read this email there is no particular action requested - though we will be delighted to receive any feedback, of course. We will assume no comment means acquiescence!
In this email, we are sharing notes of the OVTRK Forum on 25 May (32 kb .docx file), plus the presentation (4 mb .ppt file) to it by Diane Turner, Manager of Strategy and Policy at CERA. You should have received an email with the "libretto" of our kaupapa statement and the attachment of the beautiful poster (which takes some time to download). If any of you have missed receiving those please be in touch via our email, ngovoices [at] gmail [dot] com.
After the Forum all those on the initial Steering Group were consulted. Several specifically stated that they are very supportive but, mostly because they have not been able to keep up to date, they cannot continue with responsibility related to OVTRK. The active Steering Group now comprises Co Chairs Dora Langsbury and Katherine Peet with Rex Gibson, Richard Tankersley, Shirley Wright, Jenny Smith and Sara Epperson with Sharon, our wise woman and note taker. Evan and Whare would like to continue as corresponding members of the Steering Group and return, once they are "weller" (to use a 7 year-old's expression).
In the light of the conclusion of the "next steps" section at the last Forum that the OVTRK Steering Group would liaise with COSS about where to next, we reviewed the NGO / non-profit sector-wide initiatives to ascertain whether we need to do this in collaboration with others who are similar to OVTRK.
Te Whakaruruhau ki Otautahi Christchurch Community House Trust (CHT) was in the past Community House Tenants Trust. During the period CHT has been homeless, after the demolition of 141 Hereford St, they have decided their membership will not just for their tenants but to extend membership to any NGO / non-profit. The advantages they can offer are considerable - use of fancy equipment (e.g. a scanner), access to bulk ordering, being recognised by CERA as priority, having support from CCC and the Community Trust, etc.... we have included a link to the CHT deed (675 kb .docx file). Their kaupapa (see section 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 of their Deed) is consistent with OVTRK kaupapa. Their openness to membership from any NGO / non-profit that supports the kaupapa (see section 5.1 and 5.3 of their Deed) is similar to the OVTRK's openness of its Register. They are a body corporate (unlike OVTRK, so have a way of working). For your information the new Community House will be at 113 Tuam St and the date they move in will be probably in July/August. 
Given the similarities between OVTRK and CHT we believe organisations on OVTRK register would be able to become members of CHT. They would be able to take advantage of the resources of CHT which can be accessed remotely through virtual networking. As members of CHT they would be able to approach the CHT with ideas. Non-profits / NGOs in Greater Christchurch who become members would thus be able to have a CBD "home" when useful. This "home" could have links to the locality-based hubs...
In the light of the similarity of OVTRK with part of the CHT kaupapa we have therefore proposed that our OVTRK Steering Group meet with the CHT to consider jointly approaching COSS about next steps.
Kia kaha,
Dora and Katherine